The Navigator – September/October

ted-blankPresidents Column
I was a bit taken aback to realize that the Minnesota State Fair ends this week. It seems like summer just started!

In this issue of the Navigator, you’ll find out some information about our upcoming fall conference. Based on member feedback, the annual summer conference was shifted to fall, and this year’s conference promises to bring in a great mix of local and national speakers and quality networking time in an exciting venue. Stay tuned for details! Read More…


Fall Conference October 14 & 15, 2010
What are you doing Thursday and Friday, October 14 and 15? We hope you’ll be in the Twin Cities, attending the largest annual educational conference of the Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications Network (MHSCN). Read More…


Member Profile: Jodi Ritacca
jodi-childAs a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Growing up, I wanted to travel and see the world. So after high school, I traveled for five years throughout the United States, Europe, Africa and Canary Islands. My mom thought my letters to home about my travels read like chapters from a book and she thought I should become a writer. I also shared my dad’s love of news and politics, Read More… Photo: Jodi (middle) between big sisters, Diane and Chris


MHSCN Member Renewal 2011
It’s time to renew your MHSCN membership. If you have not renewed, your membership expired Aug. 31, 2010.

In these challenging times, you must navigate your own career, with little or no support for personal growth from struggling employers. The Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications Network continues to be a valuable resource to help you learn and grow. Take advantage of affordable educational programs, be recognized for your hard work through the Beacon Awards, be a contributor to and a reader of The Navigator, and network, network, network! Read More…


Networking at The View
img_1843It was 91 degrees outside and felt like 98 with the dew point. People were sailing on Lake Calhoun and zipping around the lake on their bikes to stay cool. Yet 30 dedicated MHSCN members and guests gathered at The View on August 3 for some hot after-work networking.

Jim Larranaga from Priority Integrated Marketing, the event sponsor, shared his insights on networking. He talked about how much networking has evolved with social media tools available like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Read More…


Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
The social media revolution is the defining communications trend of the third millennium. Broad communications reach was previously limited to those who owned a printing press or an FCC broadcast license (or organizations with the financial resources to buy time and space in programs and publications produced by the owners.) Read More…