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2018 MHSCN Award of Excellence Winners

Winners of the the 2018 Award of Excellence competition were announced during the MHSCN Spring Conference.

Congrats to our all our winners! See their photos on Facebook.

Thank you!

Thanks to all the professionals who entered the Award of Excellence competition.

Our appreciation also goes to the 2018 Award of Excellence judges from Nebraska Healthcare Marketers (NHM). They reviewed each entry and scored it for situation analysis, objectives / strategy / tactics, results, overall quality and submission. 

Best Advertising Campaign

Hometown care for your whole family. Supporting your well-being by focusing on your whole beingThe Award of Excellence for Best Advertising Campaign goes to Allina Health for their Hometown Care campaign.

In 2017, Allina Health’s Marketing/Communications team was charged with supporting the opening of primary care clinics in the distinct regional markets – Isanti, Buffalo, and River Falls, Wis.

Each clinic offers different specialty services alongside primary care. And each market has their specific challenges but also commonality in the opportunity to highlight a greater network of care that community members can access by coming to the new clinics. Each clinic is located near one of their hospitals so that patients can access a full continuum of care. All clinics were in growing markets.

Campaigns were designed to reach target audiences where they live, commute, work and play through a mix of online, print and event-based marketing and advertising. The key messages, artwork and specific tactics were customized to address the challenges, opportunities and target audiences of each region.


  • Reached their audience at home, during their commute and in their community. - achieved significant impressions across many channels.
  • Engaged with their audience (in person and online) by hosting successful open house events and digital efforts produced strong responses.
  • Drove a total of over 700 new patients to the new clinics in Isanti, Buffalo, and River Falls, Wis.

Judges said:

  • Nice variety and creative use of marketing vehicles.
  • This entry had a great external analysis, they knew who they wanted to target, how they wanted to target them, and they had a clear marketing timeline of how to get there.
  • They had a strategy that truly offered a little bit of everything. Their materials were beautifully done, eye catching and emotionally driven in some cases.
  • The results documentation was outstanding and as an evaluator, it was intriguing to see how different digital ads did in different markets.
  • The number of impressions was extremely impressive and the way all of the data was shared was phenomenal.
Honorable mention goes to Cuyuna Regional Medical Center for their “If things go south, you don’t have to…” campaign.

Best in Print

Constellation - Together for the common goodThe Award of Excellence goes to Constellation for Brink Magazine

Brink magazine offers 22,000 policyholders and other readers through online access insights into the hottest topics and latest trends in patient safety and risk management.

The 2017 Spring issue was a data-filled benchmarking issue entitled, "Improving the Diagnostic Process: Lessons from Malpractice Claims Data,” that was both informative and well-designed for ease of use.

They followed up with a Summer issue on "The Opioid Dilemma," focused on this health crisis from the perspective of the physician, hospital, and health systems.

They culminated the year with an issue entitled, "The Call for Telemedicine,” in which we gave an overview, offered an infographic, and shared stories highlighting the latest developments in this emerging health care topic.

Each issue featured original illustration as well as original articles, written by Constellation staff, including their Chief Medical Officer's column, "Meditations on Medicine," and other freelance healthcare writers.


  • The spring Data issue included benchmarking of claims data around diagnostic error. This helped physicians, administrators and other risk managers understand specific factors involved and ways they can improve their systems and processes to address issues related to the diagnostic process. 
  • Additional copies of the fall Telemedicine issue were requested for use as a reference at an Arizona Telemedicine conference.
  • The summer Opioid issue was submitted as an asset and included in its entirety in the Agenda for the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice held in September last year.

Judges said:

  • eye catching material and impactful stats
  • The design was incredible!
  • Appreciate the use of various graphs and charts also font styles and colors to make it easier to sort through. Was indeed directed to target audience.
Honorable mention goes to Allina Health for Breast Cancer: A Survivor’s Guide to Hope and Endurance.

Best in Digital

Minnesota's Hospitals - Turning the tide on opiodsThe Award of Excellence for Best in Digital goes to Minnesota Hospital Association for their video campaign featuring CHI St. Gabriel’s Health’s Controlled Substance Care Team.

Health systems, hospitals and physicians across Minnesota are on the front lines of the opioid crisis. From 2010 to 2016, the number of opioid-related emergency room visits in Minnesota doubled. Emergency room (ER) visits for mental health and substance abuse have substantially increased compared to overall ER visits.

MHA identified an opportunity to raise awareness about the opioid crisis and highlight local solutions to substance abuse disorder and opioid misuse by profiling the work of a member hospital, CHI St. Gabriel’s Health. serving the Morrison County population of 35,000 people, has helped over 340 patients taper off controlled substances completely through a community and clinic-based program. In a year, that translates to more than 382,512 fewer controlled substance doses entering the community.

MHA shared the story of CHI St. Gabriel’s Health through a series of short and full-length videos interviewing key players in the program - doctors, patients, hospital leaders, state and federal legislators and law enforcement partners. Shorter videos were also created and used as ads on social channels and various third-party websites to drive traffic to the website and the Minnesota’s Hospitals Facebook page.

To focus the campaign where it would be most impactful, video advertising was targeted to reach healthcare professionals and issue activists.


  • The video campaign was among the most successful aspects of the Strengthening Healthy Communities program.
    • The video campaign received a total of 556,523 impressions in Facebook and YouTube.
    • A total of 76,928 people took action, defined as engaging with the videos by liking, commenting or clicking through to mnhealthycommunities.org for more information.
  • The program’s physician leaders and hospital leaders worked with state legislators to successfully pass pilot legislation that will replicate the program throughout Minnesota. The team also was invited to travel to Washington, D.C., on two separate occasions to testify at well-attended congressional staff briefings for the United States House and Senate and share how the program could be replicated in communities across the country.

Judges said:

  • Excellent job on situation analysis
  • Videos with personal testimonies of everyday/ middle class women were impactful. Fantastic approach using creditable key personnel.
  • Great link on website that easily shows why the project is being done, actions taken and results.
  • Very timely and important topic. What a great partnership. Things are impactful and have appeal to them.
    Honorable mention goes to FirstLight HealthSystem for Outsmarting Preventable Head Injuries.

    Best in Communications/PR

    Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus community open houseThe Award of Excellence for Best in Communications/PR goes to Allina Health Mercy Hospital for their “One Hospital, Two Campuses” campaign.

    In 2017, the adult inpatient mental health unit moved from the Mercy Hospital campus in Coon Rapids to the Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus in Fridley. The move was part of the "one hospital, two campuses" consolidation for Mercy and Unity hospitals that was designed to strengthen services for patients. 

    Prior to the move, the Unity campus had been the subject of a "save our hospital" campaign that was founded on and promoted falsehoods about the facility, including that the hospital was closing, was being turned into a mental health-only facility, that mental health patients were going to endanger the neighborhood, and more.

    Allina Health launched a public relations campaign to combat these rumors, using a community open house as one of the tactics featuring the new state-of-the-art mental health unit and showcasing other services being offered at the “not-closing” hospital and to reduce the stigma around mental health.

    The campaign included invitations, advertisements, news releases, posters, social media and web site messages and partnerships with local mental health organizations. Internal communication vehicles included posters, employee news articles, intranet promotions and in-house display screen messages.

    The event itself combined tours and interactive displays and a video on the importance of mental health treatment was also shown and ran on a continuous loop.


    • Open house attendance was 400 community members, exceeding a goal of 300.
    • The event and campaign generated multiple media stories.
    • 19.7% percent increase in page views to Unity campus home page; 75.8 percent increase in page views for mental health services pages and 32.7 percent increase in page views to the emergency department pages.
    • Demonstrated partnership with senators, NAMI and others.

    Judges said:

    • Even without attending this event, patrons should understand that this is one unit. The objectives were clear and the target audiences were clearly identified.
    • An Open House may no longer be considered an innovative approach, they were creative with the theme, and thought of of all aspects for their audiences. This was a great strategy to meet their goals.
    • Really nice job of utilizing the open house and dispelling rumors or false items. Nice job of getting your employees involved as well.
    Honorable mention goes to Inprela for their work with 3M to help bring vascular access care and bloodstream infection prevention to the forefront.


    Center for Diagnostic Imaging - Press play on your life The Award of Excellence for Best in Potpourri/Miscellaneous goes to the Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) for their Regenerative Medicine Campaign.

    As part of CDI’s corporate strategy to offer new procedures to complement its pain management services, Center for Diagnostic Imaging added Regenerative Medicine Services to their St. Louis Park center.

    Regenerative Medicine uses a patient’s own biologic components to help the body heal itself.

    A referral is not required for this service, but engaging referral sources in educating their patients around this service was identified as an objective. The product launch was targeted at physicians and patients.

    The initial plan was focused on establishing an online web presence and digital pay-per-click advertising and outreach to key physician groups that refer to us for other services and have patients who could benefit from this service.

    A fully integrated campaign was developed with Physician and Patient Education materials, in-store signage and an online consultation request form. Videos were used for patient education.

    The next phase will be to partner with referring providers and do a larger scale advertising campaign aimed at generating consumer awareness of this service for those suffering from spine and joint ailments.


    • So far, 36 regenerative medicine procedures have been completed. They include 18 bone marrow procedures and 18 platelet rich plasma procedures.
    • CDI has received strong inquires about the procedures through their website.

    Judges said:

    • I thought their tactics were excellent. I love having a specific strategy to engage physicians and a plethora of strategies to engage patients both in person and online. They detailed search engine marketing tactics with a call to action - which was their website.
    • I think the entry was excellent and included from a marketing perspective all of the elements.
    • Great use of creative & effective methods to get message across
    • Impressive strategy with eye catching and easy to comprehend video and written material.
    • I especially liked the answers to questions videos and "Press Play On Your Life."
    Honorable mention goes to Allina Health Mercy Hospital for their Commitment to Care, Whole Person Care video.
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