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New Perspectives

09/30/2016 5:00 PM | Deleted user

It seems that fall has arrived; bringing not only changes in the weather and the landscape around us, but a need for sharpened focus on more serious matters. For some of us, it's back to the school routine with our kids. For others, we realize the end of the year is in sight and there's still much to accomplish. And we all are contemplating an election that is bound to be significant for our country, regardless of the outcome.

Personally, I find myself seeing the value of new perspectives. Let me explain.

I recently decided to try a new outside consultant for a design project. It's someone I had met through MHSCN, but now that we've worked together professionally, I've come to see an entirely different side of him. I have a better appreciation of his talents and expertise, and of what he's about on a personal level. So in addition to having another go-to person in my "Rolodex," I'll bring that new perspective to every future encounter we have.

I'm also days away from my high school reunion (more years than I care to reveal), which has offered opportunities to reconnect with people I haven't been in touch with for a very long time. In one case, I realized that we no longer share the same perspective on our friendship, and it's time to let the relationship go. That hasn't been easy, but being forced to see things through her eyes has been very enlightening. Now I'll be able to truly let go and move on.

On the flip side, I discovered a budding friendship with someone I wasn't all that close to way back then. People can surprise us in a good way when we least expect it!

Consider whether you might benefit from a new perspective in some part of your life. We can get so stuck in our own narrow view of things that we miss opportunities to take a new direction, or resolve a problem, simply by looking at things differently.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. I hope to see many of you at our fall conference on November 3 - I'll probably have a few stories to share from my reunion!

Mary Beth Schwartz


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