Tri-State Conference Promises Triple Value

08/26/2018 12:29 PM | Katie Johnson (Administrator)
Wrigley's DoubleMint gum wrapper

Remember the Doublemint gum jingle?

Double your pleasure. Double your fun. Double your delightment with Doublemint gum…

MHSCN, WHPRMS and ISHMPR – the Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois chapters of marketing, communications and strategy professionals in healthcare – have an even better jingle for this fall’s Tri-State Conference:

Triple your learning. Triple your fun. Triple your networking with Adventures in Healthcare

OK, maybe it's not quite as catchy, but it rings true. By joining forces, we’re tripling the opportunities you’ll have to network, learn, and have fun while navigating the Adventures in Healthcare for communications, PR, marketing and strategy professionals. The only thing that doesn’t triple is the cost. We think that you’ll find this affordable event will pack the punch of a national conference without the travel time and expense.

As I look forward to heading to the Dells next month, I’m also making a list of things I’m hoping to take home. It’s just a start, but here are a few things I’m anticipating:

  • New connections to add to my “have you ever had to write/market/manage THIS situation?” list. 
  • Relationships with more local and regional vendors I can leverage to make my team more efficient and expand my resources for everything from creative design to strategic thinking and from CRM to data collection. 
  • Time to clear and quiet my brain. The noise in my head as I juggle priorities in this job can be deafening some days. Taking some time to spend a few days in a different setting will be a welcome change. 
  • Laughter. It never fails. When I’m with colleagues like you, the similarities are greater than the differences and the shared experiences we uniquely understand evoke at least one good old belly laugh. 
  • Ideas to make me look smart. I’m confident that the content in this conference line-up will add credence to my 2019 marketing plan with real data from relatable and credible sources. This is probably the highest value take-away I’m banking on this conference to deliver. 

What about you? Are you up for a triple challenge to join the adventure? I triple-dog-dare you to register today

See you in the Dells!

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