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Resurfacing With Treasures After 'Deep Dive'

05/08/2019 1:15 PM | Cassi Chrzanowski

Cassi wears a tuxedo t-shirt as she interacts with two MHSCN members who are showing off some prizes.I left our Spring Conference, which we coined Deep Dive Into Digital, feeling inspired and excited. We had a room chock-full of like-minded professionals, sharing with and learning from each other. I thank all of you who were able to be there with us!

A wise man, also known as your current MHSCN President, Paul Fiore, once told me (and the room of Spring Conference attendees) that you should not share all you learned from a conference right away. Instead, slowly leak your knowledge, so as to seem very intelligent in the eyes of your boss and/or leadership team.

In the spirit of slowly leaking the nuggets I picked up, here are some standout moments for me from our Spring Conference:

There is No Such Thing as Hospital Marketing

We're no longer "hospital marketers," we're just marketers. According to Chris Bevolo, and echoed by those who have been in the health care marketing biz for a long time, hospital marketers have come a long way, from merely promoting providers and services to truly driving business and owning the customer experience.

More and more, we're using data to drive our decisions and really getting to know our customers. We're relevant and important to have at the table, not only within our organizations but within our communities.

Media Landscape is Changing, Quickly!

The media landscape is changing and we better make sure we're ready for it. Whether we like it or not, traditional media is on its way out and we're living in a digital age. With new data platforms and tools, we're able to customize communications and be relevant to each individual.

According to Michelle Fitzgerald of Brew, our patients will come to expect that we know them and will expect us to deliver the right information at the right time and right place. This is an opportunity to start treating our customers not as transactions but as people, by putting them at the center of their health care experience.

Retargeting is All Fine and Dandy, but Watch Your Back

Retargeting, or remarketing, means getting back in front of users that you've already reached. The challenge with using retargeting in health care is this little law known as HIPAA and these bits of personal data know as PHI, or personal health information.

Being mindful of the laws and required disclosures is critical when executing a retargeting strategy. You should always engage your legal team prior to launching a retargeting campaign.

SHSMD Resources Abound

With our recent affiliation with Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD), we've unlocked some pretty cool resources for our members, including a wealth of SHSMD U webcasts, group rates for SHSMD U Online Course and discounts on national conferences and networking events.

Penguins are Pretty Cool

The Como Zoo venue allowed conference attendees a meet and greet with Cupid the African Penguin as part of the post-conference social hour, on none other than National Penguin Day. (Look it up; it's a real thing.)

Cupid charmed us with his waddle and donkey-like braying sound. The MHSCN board even dressed for the occasion with our tuxedo t-shirts.

Board members dressed in tuxedos pose next to Cupid the penguin at Como Zoo.

We look forward to creating more memorable moments at future MHSCN events, including a networking event we're planning for July. Watch your emails for details soon!

In the spirit of knowing your customers and using data to drive decision-making, I ask that you participate in this VERY brief survey, asking your opinion about the potential for a 'destination' conference for this fall.

In closing, I want to thank my fellow board members for all they did for the spring conference and do for the organization each and every day. As I looked around the room at the spring conference, I felt proud to be part of MHSCN. 

Seeing all the pieces and parts of the Spring Conference in motion made me very proud to be a MHSCN board member. If you have any speck of interest in joining this great group of folks, please reach out.

A professional headshot of Cassi

Cassi Chrzanowski
MHSCN President-Elect

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