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Gratitude for MHSCN Members and Board

01/08/2020 4:33 PM | Cassi Chrzanowski

As we near the end of the month, year and decade, we at MHSCN have a lot to be thankful for. We're thankful for our members, event attendees and sponsors. I, personally, am also very thankful for my fellow MHSCN board members. These individuals find time in their busy work and personal lives to share their talents with all of us. They have all been so important to me as I grow in my profession, offering resources, advice and maybe most importantly, friendships! 

In particular, I want to thank outgoing MHSCN President, Paul Fiore. He and I joined the MHSCN board at the same time, and he has been an incredible mentor over the last three years. He is as professional as he is kind. He needs to work on his Connect Four game though! Thank you Paul for leading our organization this year! 

Some highlights from 2019 include: 

  • Our Spring Conference at Como Zoo in St. Paul, with dynamic digital content and a special guest, Cupid the Penguin
  • A neat Networking Event with a panel of experts on being creative in healthcare 
  • A revamp of our Award of Excellence program
  • Our Fall Conference in Duluth, with speakers who challenged us to expand our roles as marketers and communicators, an inspiring awards presentation and a memorable social at Hailey Sault
  • A mini website refresh. Check it out!

We look forward to offering excellent conferences and networking events in 2020. Watch for details about our Spring Conference coming very soon. 

Happy and healthy holidays to you all! 

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